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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All About Me CREATED BY Education and Training Anderson, J., Baird, P., Davis, R., Ferreri, S., Knudtson, M., Koraym, A., Waters, V, & Williams, C. (2009). Health benefits of dietary fiber. Nutrition Reviews, 67(4): 188-205. K. Bowers C. Loar C. Sheehan Dietetic Interns Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Eastern Illinois University REFERENCES Slavin, J. (2008). Position of the american dietetic assocation: health implications of dietary fiber. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 108: 1716-1731. Harvard University Health Services (2004). Fiber content of foods in common portions. Retrieved from Teacher Kindergarten Teacher They teach young kids about communication and motivate kids They also inspire kids trust and their confidence Plans activities,games,and create projects that teach young children different subjects Social- Arts and Performing Artistic- Education and Training Enterprising- Human Services Writing Solving Problems Entertaining Others English Math Holland Codes Skills:Top Three Subject Strengths GENERAL LEARNING STYLE: I can learn best by reading MATH LEARNING STYLE: I can learn best by seeing problems SOCIAL LEARNING STYLE: I can learn best by working and helping other people TOP THREE CAREER CLUSTERS-Arts-Education and Training-Human Services Cluster that I have researched in C2-Education TrainingI have chosen this Career Cluster because I would like to teach younger kids one dayand I would like to continue learning more about teaching in the future In C2 I have learned many new things. For example learning how to use new websites anddiscovering how to move forward with my dream job, which is to be a Kindergarten Teacher.I have also learned how to write, send and type new documents in class. I have also learned how to take surveys to see if being a teacher is a good idea for me to do, otherwise it showsme other jobs that I could also do in the future. Abby Lange
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