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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All About That Body Positivity Body Positivity All body types are beautiful. Body Positivity is aboutmore than just making yourself feel better,but other women as well! straight pear spoonhourglass inverted triangle top hourglassoval diamond straight pear spoonhourglass inverted triangle top hourglassoval diamond There's lots of media out there that try to convey body positivity, but are they really? "I'm bringing booty backGo ahead and tell them skinny b****** that"-Meghan Trainor, "All About That Bass" "Students, especially women, who consume more mainstream media, place a greater emphasis on sexiness and overall appearancethan those who do not." ..skinny what?? ..skinny what?? EVERY SIZE IS PERFECT of women who are average or underweight think that they are overweight. 44% "Women need to stop attacking skinny body types, stop attacking curvy bodies and everything in between"-Kayla Lonardo, Anchor Newspaper of college-aged girls feel pressured tobe a certain weight. 58% It's not only curvy womenwho face criticism.Naturally thinner women can feel insecure as well "I think the biggest things that I have to deal with is, constantly people staring at me as soon as I walk into the room."-Lizzie Vasquez "The focus on my appearance has really surprised me. Ive always been a size 14 to 16"-Adele WOMEN OF EvERy SiZe EvERy SiZe NEED ENCOURAGEMENT! So keep that in mind next time you see a fellow female rocking her body type. Today I'm accepting all body types, including mine! You Go Girl! You look so beautiful!Good for you! You're bodytype is perfect! Hey thanks girls! You're both perfect too! BE BODY POSITIVE Women should feel good about their shape no matter what shape it may be. Women of allbody types need love and support. True body positivitydoesn't put down other body types. #AllAboutThatBodyPositivity @thatbodypositivity sources: "Real Women are fat. And thin. And both, and neither, and otherwise." -Hanne Blank 1. When you look at yourbody in the mirror, yourfirst thought is.. 2.When you see another woman with a different body type than yours, you think to yourself.. 3.If you see another woman looking insecure about herbody, you would.. 4.You can recognize whatis true body positivityand what is not A B C Rate Your Positivity Positivity Ugh,gross! Eh, it's whatever Looking good! Why doesshe look likethat?.. She's just differentthan me She looks great! Laugh at her toyourself Keep to yourselfand saynothing Give her reassurancethat she's beautiful Not really Some of the time Always! Mostly A's- You could use some work on body positivity! Try not being so quick to judge the world around you, including yourself! All shapes are beautiful! Mostly B's- You've got the right idea most of the time, just don't be afraid to feel positive! Don't be wishy-washy, summon up some courage and be body positive! Mostly C's - You're a body positive wonder! The world needs more women like you, so go spread the positivity to others!
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