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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 All About Guinea Pigs They do things like grooming, penguining, popcorning, running laps, and more! $ The supplies for them don't cost much, and not much themselves at all! They live up to 8 (human) years on average. They are strict herbivores, and they LOoOVE to eat! You can see if they're relaxed because they stretch out. They can actually run after 3 hours of being born! They love contact and being petted, even by humans! They are very intelligent and can communicate with humans and fellow guinea pigs by "wheeking". WHEEK! They can memorize their own tracks and tunnels to escape harmful predators. So smart! Sources:,,, Google Images,,,,,,,,, and! They have about an average of 258 bones in their body! They need a supplement of Vitamin C because they can't produce it themselves. They actually aren't color blind! Another name for a male guinea pig is a "boar", a name for a female is a "sow", and a name for a baby is a "pup"! Belive it or not, they are actually rodents! If they bite you, it's not because they hate you, it's because they think you're a giant carrot! Num Num! Another name for a guinea pig is a "cavy"! They are very easy to handle, as they are very tame and calm. If they bite you, it's only because they think you're a carrot! Their natural habitat is grassy plains. By: Broseph Kostello
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