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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When a bill is introduced, the clerk of the House or Senate gives it a title and number. After, it is sent to a committee. Committees are made up of small groups of senators and representatives that specialize in certain areas The committees have three options to take regarding a bill- to amend it, pass it, or kill it The Rules Committee decides the rules and date of the debate The bill is then read a second time and amendments can be made within the committees After the bill is amended and approved, it is sent to the House or Senate floor for debate The bill gets debated. Both the likes and dislikes of the bill are mentioned. Eventually, the bill gets voted on The bill must be passed with a majority vote from both the Senate and the House The conference committee is in charge of taking the two versions of the bill and sorting out the differences for a single, final version Finally the bill goes to the president. The president may approve the bill to become a law or veto it How a Bill Becomes a Law
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