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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Pretty Little Liars By: Sara Shepard Alison is an 18 year old, beautiful girl with long blond hair, tiffany-blue eyes, a cute nose, bow-shaped lips, a heart-shaped face, rosy pink cheeks and is known for being very slim. Manipulative Alison Dilaurentis double click to change this header text! Beautiful Popular Ignorant Fashionable Mysterious Alison was mysterious because of a quote like this,"When I hide something, it stays hidden... until I want it found." Alison would also never tellher friends where she had been or why. She usually felt very withdrawn or rejected because she couldnttell her friends everything. Alison was lastly ignorant because of quotes like,"I'm the only one you can count on." She herself knew she was ignorant, and that isprobably why it did not impact her as much. Sheknew everyone hated her, but she still pretendedthat everyone loved her. Alison would sometimesbecome overwhelmed and reveal that she knew how much people wanted her dead. Alison was fashionable because of quotes like this, "No, you can't borrow this shirt. I look way better in it anyways." Everyone in Rosewood in envied how she looked everyday. Her outfits werealways the best you could get. She always gave her friends fashion advice. Sometimes howshe dressed made her feel older than she actually was. She felt more mature than her friends. Alison was beautiful because of quotes like this, "Never trust a pretty girl with an uglysecret." Every guy in Rosewood wanted to dateher, and every girl wanted to look exactly like her.She knew how pretty she was so she used it to her advantage by being able to get people to fall for her lies and controlling personality. Alison was popular because of quotes like this, "I have names for everyone, so say hello to HeftyHanna." She was known as the queen of Rosewood High School and the "It Girl" of her social circle. This made her feel very controlling and she knew how she could make people feel included in her social group to get what she wanted. Alison was manipulative because of quotes like, "I made them feel like they were a part of somethingspecial." Alison always would get what she wanted, even if she used blackmail. This is one of the many reasons people wanted her dead.She also made all of her friends feel special,like she actually cared about them, when theywere all just part of her game. -A
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