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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this header text! By: Chloe Rockwell and Reece Robinett - 4 laws- Challenged the bill of rights- Increased residency period from 5 to 14 years for immigrants- Authorized President to imprison and deport aliens- Restricted freedom of speech, and press that was critical of the government. Alien and Sedition Acts What are the Alien and Sedition Acts? Why were the Acts established? Foreign French Threat-French Americans are a huge part of populationSevere repression of domestic protest-Americans are divided on the opinion of warFederalists thought immigrants were a huge threat toAmerican society- French Americans would over turn the government if war broke outCreated to silence and weaken the democratic-republican party Who was behind the Acts? The Federalist Party created and wrote the laws, President John Adams signed them into action. John Adams wanted to do the right thing for his people, and the Federalists assured him he was, even though they had their own agenda for the laws. Nullification Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions- Jefferson and Madison- "Unconstitutional" America's Reaction to the Acts Society was much like the Soviet Union during the Cold War-no protesting the government- no immigrants allowed in- no freedom of the press- Law makers jailedThe people were angry at AdamsThe opposers supported the Democratic- Republican party Impact/ Crisis Negative reaction led to the victory of the democratic-republican party in the 1800 election. Many people shockedRuined the Federalist PartyUsed during WWII Japanese, German, axis allies,
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