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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Yes sir, that's my baby!"Papa 'Al becomesproud dad to Tabitha 2012 2002 2004 2003 2006 2008 2014 1998 "Fire and ice!"The boys go to Prague and lose 11-0Alex forgets his boots,but gets booted off stage "Every loser wins"After a 10-year losing streak, Al brings in 6k on a treble!..and not on the wheel of fortune Alex Selby-Boothroyd "NEET to FTE"Alex becomes full-timewhen he realises he gets paid for sick days 15 years at the EIU "Santa Baby!"Christmas partyromance turns outto be the real deal "What could have been.."Nately make Christmas #1 with upbeat number "Where have all the reindeer gone" "Recession proof"The global crisis passesAlex by, as he sees out the downturn in a smallpub down an alley way "And what would madame like to drink" A case of mistakenidentity at an economics unit lunch "Chairgate"Relationships in team hit all-time low until Big G takes decisive action to save the day. EIU Diskette servicelaunched with aprestigious clientlist "Arthur Anderson, Barings, Enron, Lehmans ...." "Golden Balls"The goal hanging finallypays off , as Alex takes the prize three clicks on a trot "Why, why, whycompliance...."(as Tom would say)Who can save usfrom the regulators... Forget homeworking, desk sharing becomes the new office trend Office smoking banned, Gauloises should havebeen years ago "Come onthe Reds!" Liverpool winthe Big Cup,Alex winsbigger atthe bookies "Chow Baby!" Man-megaphone ADleaves a lasting impression on the EIU... "DIY SOS'"On a scale of HS2,work begins on the recording studio
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