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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alexander the Great A CUNNING COMMANDERAlexander was a clever leader. Hehad cunning strategiesand tactics, makinghim a well-respectedindividual. For instance,in the Battle of Issus,he was severelyoutnumbered. Instead,he used clever tacticsand formations, anddefeated his foes easily. "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraidof an army of sheep led by a lion." Alexander of Macedon,more commonly known asAlexander the Great, wasborn in Pella, Macedonia on356 B.C. He was alreadycunning and brave when hewas just a boy; for example,when he tamed the wild stallion Bucephalus, he didnot tame it using experience.He tamed Bucephalus because he realized thehorse was afraid of its ownshadow. Alexander's Empire334-323 B.C. INFLUENCE & POWERAlexander conquered severallands, helping his vast empiregrow. Because of this, hespread Greek influence allover the world. He also sparked the Hellenistic Eraafter his death. TheHellenistic was a timeof Greek influence, where Greek culture,religion, arts, and ideasthrived. Although his oncemighty empire crumbledafter his rather untimelydemise, Alexander stillimpacts and influencesthe world today. CHILDHOODAlexander was theson of King Philip IIof Macedonia and Queen Olympias. Hewas tutored by theEpirot Leonidas, Lysimachus, and thefamous Greekphilosopher Aristotle. Hewas very close to hismother, and she some-how influenced him tohave an unsteady relationship with hisfather, even thoughthey were on the samepage when it came towar. Shortly after Philip'smurder, Alexander, 20 atthe time, became king.
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