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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When war broke out, Hamilton quit college to jointhe NY Military Unit and was appointed captain. Hegathered a volunteer army and served in a fewbattles, including Trenton and Princeton. 2 yearslater Hamilton was appointed assistant andsecretary to George Washington. Secretary ofthe Treasury Lawyer Soldier PoliticalLeader Journalist Why is he qualified? Throughout his career, Hamiltondid so much for America. He foughtfor his country's freedom, helpedto get our Constitution passed, andsupported numerous other causes.Without the brilliance of this manour country may not have turnedout the way we know it. Founding Father Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was born January 11th, 1755 toRachel Fawcitt Lavien and James Hamilton, anunsuccessful businessman. At only 11 years old,Hamilton worked at a local trading post. In 1774Hamilton entered Columbia University in New Yorkafter briefly attending school in New Jersey. Childhood & Education Government Career During the Revolution After America won the war, Hamilton waselected New York's representative to theContinental Congress during the 1782-83term. He continued in politics and alsobecame one of the most well known lawyersin NYC. In 1787 Hamilton was elected tothe NY legislature, or lawmaking body.He attended the Constitutional Convention.Hamilton also wrote a series of essays,The Federalist papers, alongside John Jayand James Madison. Hamilton went on tobecome Secretary of the Treasury andproposed a naval military branch. He alsodeveloped a plan to establish the first U.Sbank. Who Was He? Molly Mathis P2 - 1/8/2015
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