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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Valley Forge Valley Forge by Haylie and Alex The Sons were existent because of the British increasing taxes and oppressing the Colonist. Sons Of Liberty Sons Of Liberty December 19, 1777 - June 19 1778 August 1765 The sons first appeared in Boston, but were in every colony by the end of the war They went to Valley Forge to wait out the winter. They picked it so they could watch every move the British took Everyone in the Colonies were impacted by Sons of Liberty because they supported the colonist fighting back and the British were impacted too because of the rebeling caused by the Sons. The Sons of Liberty were involved in multiple events, including the Boston Tea Party, and they were the main party that got rid of the Stamp act and all stamp distributors in the Colonies. Each man was issued a pound of meat a day, either beef, salt pork or salt fish. A pound of flour was also given to each man daily. According to government regulations of the time, the troops were also supposed to get threepints of peas or beans (or vegetables equivalent, if they were lucky),a pint of milk per day and a smaller amount of rice, corn and molasses to round out their meals. Unfortunately,these regulations functioned more like ideal guidelines: + The British troops first marched in to Philadelphia then the Continental Congress fled to the west to Lancaster then to York. Many people at the time were impacted including the Britishand American soldiers. Also the colonists/settlers living there at the time were impacted because they had to move away from their homes and families because the british soldiers intruded. If I was a Son of Liberty, I would increase propaganda in the newspaper to help strengthen the image of the Sons to the colonist. Washington's army had spent the summer of 1777 fighting a string of losing battles. The Americans harassed the British army in skirmishes and minor battles for much of the fighting season. In the fall, the Americans showed pluck at the BATTLE OF BRANDYWINE in September and the BATTLE OF GERMANTOWN in October. The Sons of Liberty differ from people like John Adams because they are made up of common artisans, and they dont take the fight directly towards the Crown, but attack in a more indirect way. First they showed up and they were not healthy already and it was getting cold. Really cold. They got fed little each day
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