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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AutoBoom Post war gas prices dropped due to an abundance of domestic and imported petroleum Automobile Culture in the 1950s Advertisement campaigns caused Americans to buy cars Banks lent money to consumers with favorable credit terms Led to record numbers. In 10 years, there were 10 million more cars on the road due to advertising and cheaper costs Suburban Needs double click to change this header text! People moved to the suburbs which meant they had no public transportation People drove to schools, stores, churches, synagogues, or doctors offices because they were not in walking distance Many jobs were in the city and people had to drive there Automobiles allowed them to seek job opportunities away from home. Better jobs but still lived in the suburbs The Interstate Highway Act Eisenhower approved this Act, allowing the nationwide project of highway networking of 41,000 miles of expressways Roads were constructed connecting the major cities linking to schools, shopping centers, and workplaces The recent possibility made high-speed, long haul trucking a contribute to the decrease of railway usage People traveled more to mountains, lakes, national parks,historic sites, and amusement parks Disney Land had 3 million car driving visitors the next year The Prices Paid Societal Problems-Accidents-Traffic jams Environmental Problems-noise-pollution Due to the recored amount ofcars on the road People left the cities So businesses left the cities (jobs) Leaving the poor people that lived in the city out of work Causing the unemploymentrate to increase because the jobs and businesses leave
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