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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Summary of chemistry related work. Alessandro's connection to electrochemistry. Alessandro Volt'as work not only helped the world, but had an impact on the field of electrochemistry as well.His creation of the Voltaic pile and how he made itplayed a huge role in better understanding electricity and what metals go into making a working battery. His invention would lead to a better understanding, along with the creation of primary and secondary cells. His creation of the battery helped the field created so many building blocks for new chemists to move forward. Key aspects of learning. When we studied Electrochemistry I really enjoyed learning about how batteries are created. What goes into making themand all the science behind how exactly they worked.I was even more interested discovering Alessandro helped start all this really interesting piece of technology that we all use every day. Along with that learning about the hydrogen fuel cells was both interesting and challenging. The way they work was slightly more complicated for me to understand at first, regarding the specifics of how theyare different then normal batteries batteries. Eventually thoughI gained a bit of a better understanding and even though I struggled I enjoyed learning about it all the same. APA format sources Alessandro Volta. (n.d.). Retrieved January 22, 2015, from Alessandro Volta - Creator of the first Battery. (n.d.). Retrieved January 22, 2015, from Alessandro Volta - Inventor of the Voltaic Pile. (n.d.). Retrieved January 23, 2015, from Super Scientists - Count Alessandro Volta. (n.d.). Retrieved January 23, 2015, from Chemistry Explained. (n.d.). Retrieved January 24, 2015, from 1) Alessandro helped his friend Galvani, a chemist with his theory of``animal electricity`` in the form of a dead toad giving off electricity which he redirected towards a theory of ``metal electricity`` which we know as current electricity. Current electricity became very important not only in chemistry but in the world as something people use for dozens of devices.2)He also invented the first battery in the form of the voltaic pile.This would lead to not only batteries for the world as a source of powerand is something we use every day. It would also help understanding the proper use of metals in it`s creation which would inspire moreresearch into metals and their possible uses.3) He also put so much workin his research into electricity that ``volts`` as we know them were named after him for his hard work. That`s something that every scientist, not only chemists know about which is incredibly important. Supportive examples. (to the right) Modern day battery (as a result of volta's work) Among Alessandro Volt's contributions to chemistry they include. Alessandro beeing the first person to successfully isolate methane (pp.2 of Alessandro Volta- biography)and upon that mixing that with a spark he discovered it could cause an explosion(pp.6 of Alessandro Volta-biography). He created the "voltaic pile" or what we now know as battery (pp.3 of Alessandro volta-creator of the first battery) which was of great assistance in the field of electrochemistry (pp.1 chemistry explained-Alessandro Volta). Among other discoveries he invented the electroscope which also aided in electrochemistry (pp.2 chemistry explained-Alessandro Volta). He also helped his friend Galvani,a chemist,with his theory which Volta took and proved differently than what Galvani intended which resultedin his discovery of current electricity (pp.6 Chemistry explained-Alessandro Volta).He also discovered the electromotive series which states the voltages of metals from lowest to highest,however these dayswe refer to it standard electrode potential (pp. 6 of Alessandro Volta-a biography). (to the right) the condensing electroscope invented by Alessandro in 1782 (to the right)The voltaic pile. Built in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. Alessandro Volta 1745-1827
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