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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DONATE Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations The Hunger GamesBy: Suzanne CollinsScience Fiction By: Alesia CaudilloBlock: 1 MAIN CHARACTERThe main character in the book iskatniss she has a big heart and,she will do anything to protect them she goes hunting for food for themto eat but she doesnt make friendsvery well she has a main conflict the main in charge of the hungergames. PLOT-LINEThe 5 important events that happenin the story; FIRST was when katnisstook her sisters place in the game.SECOND was when katniss gotscored 11 out of 12. THIRD is whenpeeta said he likes katniss and saidit to the whole world so they can pretend to be in love.FORTH is when katniss teamed upwith rue but she died and FIFTH waswhen katniss and peeta won the game. STAR RATINGI rate my book a 5. I rated it a 5because it was the kind of book thatcaught my attention, and all I wouldwant to do is keep reading it I kept wanting to know what will happen next. AR QUESTIONHow old was Katniss sister prim, when her name was drawn from thereaping before katniss took herplace?A, 13 B. 11 C. 12 D. 14Correct answer: C THEMEThe theme of the book is kidsare killing eachother in the game inorder to survive but if somethinghappen to them to the point theywere dying they would have to dosomething amazing in order to getwhat they need from a sponsor tostay alive so no matter what, thekids are fighting to survive, andtrying to win so they can go back home.
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