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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Al Capone By: Alec C. Smith Childhood:Al Capones childhood was kinda average. Before birth his family moved to the USA in 1893.Capone was born on Jan 17 1899, in Brooklyn New York.Capone was one of seven kids in his household. So yea an "Average" childhood. Criminal Times:Capone saw that his home just wasnt working, He left for Chicago to work for crime lord Johnny Torrio. After working for awhile Capone started getting ownership to gambling joints and brothels.Torrio retired and handed the orginazation to Capone.Torrio just made a BIG mistake. Jail Time!The U.S law tried to bust Capone many times.Awhile later, The U.S Treasury finnaly busted him for tax evasion.He went to a jail in Atlanta then got switched to Alcatraz~ for bribing guards and starting riots.He never actually finished his sentence. He was released on parol in 1939.Lucky guy, he shouldnt have got out. Life Out of Prison:Al Capone was released on Nov 16 1939.Capone still had to pay the money he owed, that stinks.Capone died the next year on Jan 25 from Cardiac Arrest. He's Old :P
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