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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ALCOHOLI SM! No: 25% 20-25Years: 46% Do you like drinking? Yes: 46%Just a little: 29% Why do you like to drink? To solve problems: 12%Beacause friends do: 37%Beacause I like it: 28% At what age did you start drinking? 14-19 years: 49%26 : 5% tap and hold to change this header text! Alcoholism: alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorderThe alcoholic can not control how much they consume REASONS FOR DRINKINGØ To feel good and have fun.Ø To relax and forget the stress.Ø To escape negative, unpleasant situations. SymptomsNot limit how much alcohol is consumedBlacking out - not being able to remember timesBeing irritated, annoyed and fatiguedHave problems with people, laws, money etc.Get withdrawal symptoms when the alcohol wear offNot thinking clearlyNausea, shakiness, depressions Alcohol is the principal cause of car accidents. Did you know that...? To have fun: 23% Blacking out Being irritated Head and body pain Fatigued No control 🍺 Problems to speack Ø General Medical Checkup.Ø Psychological Individual and Group Therapy (Alcoholics Anonymous).Ø Psychiatric Treatment (Consumer Medicines).Ø Therapeutic Gymnastics Program. Annel Sosa, Mariana Rivera, Santiago Álvarez, Diego Barrón. Miss Ana María GuillénGroup 21-25 Annel Sosa, Marina Rivera, Santiago Alvarez, Diego Barrón // Miss Ana María Guillén // group 21-25 Symptoms TREATMEN
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