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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ALBERTS SMARTSAlbert was the genius that had come up with E=mc2.This paved the road to creatingnuclear weapons. SIGNIFICANCE IN THELABWhat Albert was in the lab was a leader in a way,Since Roosevelt had only believed it wastime to use nuclear weaponsAlbert brought it up. BACKGROUNDAlthough Einstein is aGerman, he was a pacifist.Because of that reason he hatedit when Germany went to war,so he fled to America to helpput an end to all this violence. PRIMARY INTENTIONSAt first Einstein was promise solitude to work on his work if he moved to America, but he couldn't turn his back on humankind when it needed his help. So he put everything else on the shelf for later. PRIMARY INTENTIONS So he put everything else on the shelf for later. This enabled him to get to work on how to defeat the enemy. SECRETAlbert wasn't really the one that came up with the idea to create atomic bombs, it was a scientist that was below Albert. His was Leo Szilard. CONCLUSIONIn my opinion, Albert played a very important role in this war, because of the fact that he was the reason nuclear warfare was used. He had a good heart and did what he had to do to make final peace. TRUTHAlbert later admitted that the only reason he signed that letter for Roosevelt to accept nuclear warfare, was so the enemy hadn't used it on them first. He also admitted this was the biggest mistake of his life. BACKGROUNDAlbert was still trying to helpby organizing peaceful proteststhat he hoped would help to end that horrible war. ALBERT EINSTEINWORLD WAR II BY: RYAN MENDEZ
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