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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources pre 26% of coalresources lost ANALYTICS GOALS RECOMMENDATIONS OVERVIEW - To keep Al Arab teams updated with progress and updates to site- To document how visitors are responding to channel strategies- To use this information to improve user experience and maximise visits- To increase brand awareness by understanding what attracts our audience- To illustrate general user behaviour and patterns in the space of a week- Recommendations for future platform enhancement 1. Impact 2. Engagement 3. Website Source 4. Mobile Source 5. Hot Topics 6. Starting Places 7. Key Pages 1. Impact 2. Engagement 3. Website Source 4. Mobile Source 5. Hot Topics & ANALYSIS 6. Starting Places December 22-28 2014 Weekly Report 8. Social Media COMPETITORS ? Where do visits begin and how do they progress?Landing pagesHome pagesNavigation from thesepages What were visitors looking for on our site?Search bar analyticsWhat search terms ledexternal visitors to usOn site searches? What are the most viewed pages? Pages with most views/most readPages with least views/least readTop pages for new trafficMost commented Measuring growth on different platformsHow many times wepostFollowers/ likes/subscribers/ favesReplies/ commentsShares/ retweets The bounce rate for returning visitors was 49% in contrast to 38% for new ones. An avg of 2.54 - 2.98pages were viewed/ visited and an avg. session lasted 2.5 mins. An avg of 2.54 - 2.98pages were viewed/ visited and an avg. session lasted 2.5 mins.Bounce rate:New visitors - 38%Returning visitors - 49.03 %Average - 41.59%In terms of devices, desktop is most utilised, see section 4 for statistics. Provides brief overview of most important analytics and developments.I've included points that need to be covered for the sections we don't have analytics for as of yet. Desktop - 60.41%Mobile - 33.43%Tablet - 6.17%The bounce rate is higher on mobile devices (46% mobile/ 45% tablet compared to 38% desktop) and fewer pages on average are viewed. (2.63/ 2.49 compared to 3.01 for desktop) Where do visits begin and how do they progress?Landing pageHome pageNavigation from these pagesExit pages 7. Key Pages 8. Social Media In the last week, there were over 18, 000 sessions (70% new) with just over 13, 500 users. The websitehas seen almost 12, 700 new users and 52, 000pageviews. This signalshuge growth. We are not only retaining readers but attracting new ones. 12,716 5,562 52, 049 total pageviews, of which 36, 051 are unique. A total of 18, 278 sessions this week, comprising of 13, 667 users. A total of 52, 049 page views and a average session length was 2 mins 23 secs.Average bounce rate was 41.36%. Of the total sessions, 70% were new visitors. On average, more than half our visitors used desktops to view content and more pages are viewed on desktop per session.Mobile devices see more app users from iPhone/ iPad:Apple - 3,447Android - 1,320 The fact a majority of visitors who found us via an organic search suggests our SEO is effective. Organic - 56.20%Direct - 21.52%Social - 14.76 %Referral - 7.53% Over half our visitors found us via an organic search, suggesting our SEO is effective. Second, was direct, whereusers typed in our websiteURL. Audience Acquisition Behaviour Potential integration into phase 2? e.g The mobile app doesn't retain users to the extent our website does. Discuss action to take. % Pageviews Pageviews What were visitors looking for?Search terms that ledexternal visitors to usOn site searches? 72.89% of visitors enter the site via the home page; it received 21, 799 views, 14, 362 were unique and had a bounce rate of 39.47%. This week, the top five performing pages were...It seems ... content attracted a majority of our visitors.Those with the fewest views were...... page attracted the most new traffic, which suggests... stories are key in widening our reach and acquiring new visitors. The page with the most comments on it was...The main exit page was... Potential integration into phase 2 How many times Al Arab postedFollowers/ likes/ subscribersReplies/ commentsShares/ retweets/ faves Formatted as a table usinginsights from a social media tool etc.
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