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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Humanism Humanism focuses on human beings,their values,abilities,individual worth,and humansociety as something valuable that could be improved. Humanism is about the individual or abouthumans. Humanism led to new ideas towards Art, Religion,Education, Social Mobility,andScience.People developed new products to improve society and that led into a middle class. The riseof merchant(middle) class supported the spread of Humanism. Art During the renaissance people expressed many new ideas in the art. The art was more lifelike than the middle ages. Renaissance artistsstudied perspectives. The way of painting was being changed the painting was now more detailed and in depth. Colors were being changed youwould use the egg tempera method and mix in your color. You would have to make your own tools and painting brush. The Medici family dominated the the city of Florence and wanted every masterpiece. So art was important because the rich people wanted the masterpieces thatartists made also the rich families wanted the paintings for luxuries commodities .Famous Painters Leonardo Da Vinci -Mona LisaMichelangelo-Paintings over the Sistine Social Mobility Education The study of classical Greek and Latin and changed the prevailing theory about education. During the middle ages church dominated teaching. The nobility even created its own teaching program.But the humanists of Renaissance Italy created a new educational model. In their schools,they taught students to be complete human beings:to be able to read and write Latin and Greek to develop good manners and codes of politeness, to be skilled fighters.In all the purpose of the system was to create strong individuals who could think for themselves. Science During the renaissance scientists began to look at the world using reasoning and observations.They asked questions and were interested in searching for the natural causes of events rather than accepting that the causes were supernatural powers.The scientific 'curiosity' led many scholars to begin recording observations in natural world. Growing humanist ideas led European thinkers to build, expand on, and share their knowledge about Science.It was important because the new ideas accumulated and will lead to knowledge and many scientific discoveries.Nicolaus Copernicus a famous astronomer made a theory about the universe that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun. As a result of Bubonic Plague (Black Death) the feudal system a system where there was no movement between the social classes was starting to come apart meaning people could now move up and down.If your parents were noble you automatically became part of the nobility at birth. That would change now it will depend on your wealth. The positive aspect was people could demonstrate the constant flow of their wealth. It was important because people wouldn't be able to move and they will be stuck in one place, they could earn more.There was another new class called Merchant (Middle). Renaissance Europe: The Development of Our Western Worldview Technology Renaissance technology was very creative, primitive,and created many inventions such as the printing press,and the spring powered clock.Gutenberg invented the movable printing press that would print multiple copies of book,that would mean no need of the church officials to hand write the bible.Peter Henlein invented spring powered clocks and watches these inventions even showed hours.Technology was important because these inventions made our life more valuable, more comprehensive,and worth living for. People now looked forward to these technologies. Religon Even though there was a conflict between the humanists and the church people still followed the old rituals for example people will only go there to pray.The demands of the society changed and they would start thinking for themselves and that would put the church not in a happy mood because there power was lost by bunch of smarty pants.The priests found about needs and wants of people. The church power was now not important rather in the middle ages.This was important because we would be in control of the church and not have a say against anything. Silk Road and Crusades Silk Road was a trade route that was in east.It bought along new products, ideas,inventions,and goods.Great ideas simulate along the silk road made people eager for knowledge and innovations.Crusaders was a war between two people fighting over a holyland, for example you are in a war and other people see your guns they will want to explore into it.Silk Road and Crusades bought contact with others and that is the big idea. That is how the development of Renaissance came togetherThanks How did Renaissance came together ? By: Abhay Khosla 8-06
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