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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Do you really know Canada? Brrrrrrr! The coldest day ever in Canadawas in Yukon (1947) and the temperaturewas -63C! That's pretty cold!!!! Good-bye Caribou: You might be carrying a caribou right now- this important animals on the 25 cents coinsince 1936. But that should be your only chance to ever comingclose to touching one.Caribou are now endangeredspecies. 77% of the entire worlds maple syrup is made in Quebec. They have short, stubby front legs, with heavy claws. The beavers two backfeet are webbedto help the beaverswim faster under water. The beavers teeth grow through-outit's life. Large, flat, nearlyhairless tail. A beaver will slap it's tail on the water for asignal for danger. It also uses it'slarge beaver tail to help balance itselfwhen chompingaway on trees. Dark brown fur on the outside of the beaver and Light brown fur on the belly. Want to go swimmimg? Try this for a change: Canada has more lakes than all the countries in the world combined!That's a lot of lakes! There are 1,453 airports in Canada. Hockey was born on a small pond, just outside of Windsor,also there are a lot of all-timegreats that are Canadian. Why do Canadians say sorry?No one actually no's why exactly, but Canadians still say it. Is it simply because they feel the need to apologize for something we did or didn't do? Canadians appear to be the world leaders in apologizing. Or do theyjust say it so Canadians can keep our self image as a nice person?No one really no's why they actually do say sorry. Sorry!
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