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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Birth Date Of Orville and Wilbur Wright The birth date of Orville Wright was on August 19,1871.The birth date of Wilbur Wright was on April 16,1867. The Wright Brothers The Wright Brothers The Wright Brothers father'sname was Milton Wright.Their mother's name was Susan Wright. The Wright Brothers Parents Names The Occupation Of Thier Father The occupation of the Wright Brothers dad was thathe was the bishop of the churchof the United Brethren in Christ. The Name Of Their Cat The Wright Brother's cat'sname was Otisnamed after theirbrother that died as an infant. The Wright Cycle Co. The Wright Cycle Co. startedin 1886 in Ohio and was a huge success! The Quiet One and The Mischievous One The mischievous one was Orville Wright and thequiet one was Wilbur. A Boy Scout Brother Did you know one of the Wright Brotherswas a boy scout?Well,now you know!Orville Wright was a boy scout. December 17,1903 The flyer on December 17,1903 flew four miles of Kitty Hawk The Wings Span And The Weight of the Flyer The wing span of the flyer that the Wright Brothers made was 39 ft long.The weight of the flyer the Wright Brothers made while it was empty was800 pounds. The Wind Tunnel The Wright Brothers built their wind tunnel to be able to study aroedynamics. The Furthest Flight On December 17,1903 The furthest flight on December 17,1903was 852ft. Their Patent Application The Wright Brothersfiled their patent application onMay 22,1906. By:Aideen Combs
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