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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2008 1946 StudentsExpelled/Suspended Graduation Rates GI bill implemented African Americanlacked the resourcesfor quality education Drop out rates per year:Whites=3.6%Blacks= 5.6%Hispanics= 3.9%Native Americans=3.0% Number of Studentsthat Graduate Each Year By Ethnicity:Whites=12,544Blacks=11,660Hispanics=271Native Americans=280 Although the percentage of minorities enrolled in school has become substantially better, the enrollment of white students between the ages of 5-19 years of age was still 10% greater than minority students in the same age group Of the 1,490studentsexpelled,this many black students wereexpelled 51, 940students are suspended each year inMississippi Wealthier (White) studentshad better resources Meant many African Americans werenot prepared for college and therefore couldn't go Helped Veterans pay for collegebut since African-Americans werenot prepared for college, theycould not benefit from this andgo to college Enrollment Number of blackstudents suspended of the51,940 the many Education in Division More kids were prepared and could afford to go to college so in a way the rich got richer 38,250 2009 1,190 Mississippi Population of Mississippi PopulationbyEthnicity:Whites=59.8%Blacks=37.4%NativeAmerican=0.6%Asian= 1.0%HIspanic/Latino=2.9% 1942 America realizesthat to create opportunitymore jobs must becomeavailible More opportunityallows African-Americans who are less educatedto earn moneyand affordquality education makingtheir lives better
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