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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Agriculture in Western Canada! Overview of Agriculture Canada is one of the largest producers of Agriculture. In fact Agriculture isone of the key elements to Canada's Economy. There are 2 main industries Plant Industries Livestock What It's Like Being in The Field According to the 2002 Census of Agriculture 50 percent of the farmers are 55 years oldor older, up only three percent from 1997.In Saskatchewan the average farm size jumped 15.1 per cent to 1,668 acres,the largest increase in the country.Although there is an increase in farms many farmers still have an annual salary of $10,000 Challenges and resources In Canada we have many differentresources we use for every day tasksfrom driving to cooking we needour available resources. There are2 classes, renewable and non-renewable and a lot of theseresources are used for agriculture. However using these resources is takinga toll on their availability which is a huge issue.Another issue is the money. Farmers dont make much money and buying supplies is very expensive Sustainability Canadian farms are getting bigger and work at a faster rate to keep up with increasing competition and consumer demands they need a lot of more space in the environment. Bydoing this they harm a lot of the wildlife by invading natural habitats. Also farms use many different resources and hurts the availability. It is possible agriculture to be sustained but we need to be more careful with the quantity of resourceswe use. Questions:1; How do farms harm the environment in Canada?2:What issue do farmers have in their field?
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