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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Agricultural Revolution 15,000 years ago Humans were hunters and forgers. Early methodsof hunting was fishing.Which explains whypeople tend to live nearshores. Marine life wasan abundant and was unlikelyto eat you. Fossil evidence proves that they were also very healthy. Studies have shown that they spent most of their timeart, music, story telling, andsex. How agricultural changed No one is absolutely certain how agricultural really started. It's possible that population pressure demanded agricultural. Even though it involved more work or abundance to save people leisure to experiment withdomestication or planting originated as a fertility rite. Also, anothertheory needed to domesticate grains in order to produce more alcohol. Charles Darwin thought it was of an accident. Others think it was a desire to eat more. Beginning Change Different crops have grownin different areas: Africa, Asia,and North America. Becausethe crops began to growaround the world, people decided to stop for forging and instead to do agricultural.This was a hard change because they would do more work. What are advantages of agricultural?! What are disadvantages of agricultural?! Advantages Disadvantages -controllable food supplies-you can create a food surpluscan be practice all overthe world -you have to change the environment-farming is hard Herding was a method alternativeto forging. Animals provided meat,milk, and shelter.It was hard to do this because animals needed lotsof grass, which was difficult in cities. Certain animals would allowto be herded such as sheep, cows, and pigs. Animals like hippos and bears are not a good hearding animal. Herds Was is a good idea? The evolution of agricultural lead to lots of farm land Without agricultural , we would not have all of the bad things like war and famine. With it, we have created dams, clearing out the forests, and drillingfor oil. These things have lead to be dangerous for the environment . So, was it? Humans also ate snails. For nutritious,they were to carry,and easy to imprisonment. Which theywould starch a ditch and keep them there. Other foods Civilizations Indus Valley Why are we alive? Popular question A civilization is when it meets all four expectations.-surplus trade-labou --> traderiver valleys(because they are flat and have well water The Indus Valley was the most successful ancientcivilization. They had the best river system. Which allowed them to have a ancient waste system that let them have clean homes. Gravity was used to let waste fall into tunnels below. High cites had a naturalAC system as well as strong governments. The largest building was called "The Great Bath." There have been studies that showed they traded with the Mesopotamians. They traded seals as identification for goods. These seals often shown animals and monsters. They Indus Valley were also peaceful people. The "Perfect" Civilization There are three theories as to why the Indus declined:-NO weapons = Conquest-They destroyed their enviorment- EARTHQUAKES!!! What happened to them?
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