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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Call Off Orders Chart of Accounts Client Commitment Cost Allocation Cost Centre Cost Driver Cost Pool Credit Note See Value Order. The list of all accounts that CGIAR has defined to classify its business activity. The Chart of Accounts has defined rangers of accounts codes. These are a four digit number. A legal entity. Commitment in Agresso is calculated by adding together the amount on Purchase Orders, and any outstanding amounts on Purchase Orders (amounts that have yet to be invoiced). Procedure where costs are divided or split on a reasonable basis, so the correct charge is charged to the unit that incurred it. A level in the Agresso reporting structure. The base used for recharging costs from a cost pool to activities. The driver is the cause of the incurrence of cost pool expenses. The main criteria for choosing cost drivers are logic, simplicity and clarity, so that the charge is equitable and clear for users. A grouping of costs in a single cost home, with the intent to recharge them to end users. An illustrative example is IT department where all costs may be accumulated for all IT costs of an organisation to be later charged out to users. A credit note is a document from supplier to a customer that specifies a credit adjustment to the customers account. If the customer currently owes the supplier money, this will reduce the amount owed, or if not, it can be set against future purchases. This may occur because the supplier has overcharged, or because the customer is unsatisfied in some way with the goods or services provided. Highpoint Agresso Lexicon C C
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