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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to get online business: Tips for Agents Online market is growing with a high rate 93% traveler look for reviews before booking with any agent Majority of the outbound travelers book online through websites Online presence is a must now Majority of the successful agents have a website Their website help them earn better trust of the traveler and helps them in conversion Issues with reaching to new travelers Agents website doesn't come on top in google searches Digital marketing involves a lot of expertise and money Probability of reaching a completely new traveler is very low agents have to rely on companies with expertise in lead generation simply having a website is not for lead generation Classifieds(monthly charges) Lead Selling(pay per lead) Comparison between lead generation models - Choose the best one! Registration fee in advance Registration fee in advance Focus on generating lead for selling & not for conversion - fake leads No focus on leads quality orquantity Leads generated for conversions - high quality verified leads One lead is sold to 8 to 9 agents One lead is passed to all the agents One lead is passed to only 2-3 agents Zero online branding Zero online branding Online branding of agents - travelers see your reviews and get converted easily No Sales training for agents No Sales training for agents Sales training for agents to improve their conversion rate Profit sharing companies are the best option Click here to get free leads: +91-8800693005 No registration fee, pay only when you convert Lead Sharing(Profit Sharing)
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