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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1982 Foreign Worker Levy Appointed for absolute advantage of Employer collection infrastructure 1993 1st CPF Top-Up Scheme 2002 2010 Economic Restructuring Shares (ERS) To qualify for NSS, citizens had to top-up $50 to their CPF Account. "Natural" Administrator. 2014 1990s 1982 2009 Agency Business * SERVICE PROVIDER Set up Department followed by Division to focus on Agency Projects Transformation Journey Timely delivery of projects in accordance to requirements Share Ownership Top-Up Scheme (SOTUS) Organisational Structure MediSave Top-Up Scheme 1996 2004 Progress Package Government Paid-Leave Scheme "Absolute advantage" of account maintenance & customer service coverage. Built up project management expertise for large scale projects with tight timeline. 2007 GST OffsetPackage Appointed for CPF data (contribution details, derived wage) Proven track record. Built up IT infrastructure for disbursement of cash/grants to large base. Jobs Credit Scheme * FUNCTIONAL EXPERT Project Explosion Set up Agency Business SOP Workgroups to standardise common processes for more efficient project management. New Singapore Shares (NSS) 2001 2006 Grow & Share PackageNS Recognition AwardSpecial Employment Credit 2011 2012 GST Voucher Scheme Wage Credit Scheme5 Year MediSave Top-Up 2010 2014 * TRANSFORMATION ENABLER Building capabilities Agency transformation programme Streamlining processes * STRATEGIC PARTNER WOG implementing agency delivering holistic & efficient WOG outcomes 2016 Agency-Biz Consulting 2015
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