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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In Japan... Total population in 2015 is Why does Japan have this population structure? Only 2% of babies are born outside marriage Unless both parent work children are unaffordable A further decline in birth rate in inevitable Fewer people are opting to get married. 70% of women give up work when thy get married. of people under 30 had never dated at all limited space 90% of young women believe staying single is preferable housing is high the death rate was 10/1000 126,000,000 48% of the population are males births every 1000 women 1.42 7.9 babies are born every year 9.5 in every 1000 die every year Ageing Population Infographic provided by 10/10 Optics - 52% of the population are female A narrow base shows asmall number of children.(low birth rate) An Inverted pyramidshows people live long. How symmetrical the pyramid is shows the gender balance High Life Expectancy Elderly can still work A lot of knowledgeand can pass on the youth 50,000 people over 100year old Elderly volunteer to work They provide free child care Elderly spend their pension + go on holidays Birth Rates Falling 40% of social aid goes to elderly Not enough hospitals Limited freedom for care takers More mental disabilities 3.8 million elderly live alone in low rent housing The Government's role The government is funding match anddating services. They are also allowingpeople to continue working even after pensionable age. They are trying very hard to boost the birth rate to 1.8 million every year,
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