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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Peaches & Cream Oatmeal Peache s Peache s Oat s Oat s Crea m Crea m Where is it produced? The southern states of Georgia and south Carolina provide fresh market peaches from May through June and the peach-producing northern states harvest from July to September How is it produced? Peach production requires many hours of labor depending on the size of the orchard, land preparation, and planting will require at least 2 people. during the summer months the orchard will require mowing, pesticide application, and fruit thinning. depending on the peach it might be more labor How it is Processed? They heat water and syrup in a pot until the sugar dissolvesthen they peel the skin off the peaches. They slice the peaches in half, throwaway the pit then cut it up the rest of theway. They put the slices in the jar/canthen put the syrup in. Next they put the label on it. How its transported from farm to processer to consumer Certain regions go to different places. Peaches are usually given to the processer by truck then from processed to consumerthey go to different regions. For example, South Carolina peaches go to Maryland,Virgina, and Delaware and sold in those stores in those states. How is it distributed to consumers? Peaches are given to distribution companies and they have a contractfor manufacturing and private labeling Where is it produced? Its produced in many places of the U.S. fromfarms and usually harvested in the summer but in the winter in some places around the world How is it produced? How is it Processed? Cream can be dried to ship toship to farther markets. It mayhave thickening additivesand stabilizers. Then put incontainers ready to go to theconsumers How is it Transported? Milk is connected from the farm every 24 to 48 hours. Then transported to the packaging company. Lastly theygo to stores all by trucks How is it distributed? When it is ready for the consumers its stored in a bigrefrigerated room untilit is delivered to storesto be sold It is first skimmed off the top of milk before it is homogenized. How itis separated is by centrifugationwhich is involving the rotation ofmilk at a high speed. then it is pasturizedto get rid of any bacteria then mixingthe cream with the air bubbles are captured in a network of fat droplets Where it is produced? It is best produced in cool moist climates.Russia, Canada, The United States, Finlandand Poland are the leading producers How is it produced? Farmers grow it then harvest in the summer.Then are ready to be transported and packaged How is it processed? They clean and sift, steam, roll, and cut,roasted then packaged Transported They can either be shipped, railroaded,or trucked. they are mainly in bulk containers. after packaged they are shipped to the stores to be sold.
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