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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Because I have come to the fence at night,the horses arrive also from their ancient stable.They let me stroke their long faces, and I notein the light of the now-merging moonhow they, a Morgan and a Quarter, have beenby shake-guttered raindropsspotted around their rumps and thus madeAppaloosas, the ancestral horses of this place.Maybe because it is night, they are nervous,or maybe because they too sensewhat they have become, they seemto be waiting for me to say somethingto whatever ancient spirits might still abide here,that they might awaken from this strange dream,in which there are fences and stables and a manwho doesnt know a single word they understand. After a Rainstorm By Robert Wrigley Analysis In the poem After a Rainstorm, Robert Wrigley implies that there is a separatespiritual attachment to this world. He accomplishes this by combining a calm moodand speculating on our natural connectionto nature. Throughout the poem he creates a calm mystical environment and makes referenceto how spirits never quite leave the world. Hemakes it clear that they don't just die but theirspirits live on in beings in place of them. This isin the case of horses and all other living things.He uses the environment to cast a spotlight onchanges in the horses to unveil the shroud thathas been pulled over these horses. When the"now-merging moon" cast a light on them yousee a glimpse of the ancestral horses of the areathe Appaloosas.He also makes evident that there is an awareness of thespiritual aspects of nature, that we all have. Structure and Diction The poem uses poetic devicesto transform things.It uses metaphors to turnthe horses into horses of thepast.In addition it uses a metaphorto transform the fence into abarrier of understanding between others. This poem is written in free verse.It allows the idea to develop withoutthe restictions of a rhyme scheme. Also through the use of the words ancestral,strange, and ancient the environment is depicted more spiritual. Poetic Devices
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