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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Democratic Republic of the Congo One of the main conflict activities inthe Democratic Republic of the Congois the Lords Resistance Army, which is a spiritual motivated rebel group fighting for the interests of the Acholi people. Forming in the early 1980s, the Lords Resistance Army initially began as a Spiritual Movement for the Acholi people. The Acholi people believed they were treated unfairly by the Ugandan Government. The Lords Army Resistance uses unethicalmeans to achieve goals (DeCapua, 2011). Lord's Resistance Army Lord's Resistance Army Organizations that Use Child Soldiers Congolese Armed Politcal Groups RDC-Goma RCD-LM Mai-Mai (Zerrougui, 2010) Lord's Resistance Army 30,000 Child Soldiers Population under International Poverty Line: 87.7% Average Life Expectancy: 50 45,000 individuals continue to die each month ("Statistics," 2014) Facts about the Democratic Republic of the Congo Child labour (%) + 2002-2012*, , total: 24.7 Rwanda Genocide Rwanda Deaths: Estimated around 800,000 Hutu's The Tutsis and Hutus are originally from Rwanda,a neighboring country to the right of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. About ninety percent of the Rwandan population was Hutu affiliated and the otherten percent were the Tutsis. When Belgium gained control of Rwanda after World War I, the Rwandan government that was controlled by the Tutsis began to discriminate towards ethnicity. After a change inpolitical power between the rivaling ethnicity groups,Hutu extremists had taken control of the governmentand began slaughtering Tutsis. In addition, some critics estimated about one-fourth of the 800,000 casualties were Hutu individuals (Rosenberg, n.d.). Lasted 100 Days Tutsi's 6 Men, women, and children were murdered every minute ("Supporting Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide," n.d.). 75% of Deaths 25% of Deaths An estimated 250,000 to 500,000 women were sexually assaulted Summary of Rwandan Genocide
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