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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dangers Afghanistan has been a giant chaotic war zonefor the past 30 years. The government has little control over most of the land much like Somalia at #2 on our list. Growing up, I`ve heard about Afghanistan on the news for all the wrong reasons. From Canadian soldiers dying as heroes on the battleground, to hundreds of people dying of mass suicidal bombing. Afghanistan has beenoppressed by many problems in the last few decades and the situation isn't getting any better. Although the War itself isn't the only problem in Afghanistan. The War has alsobrought handfuls of social problems. The economy has been ignored for decades, therefor creating very few jobs leaving most of the population in poverty. Most of the governments attention has been focused on catching the Taliban instead of more common problems such as robbery. This, mixed with extreme poverty has resulted in tons of more petty crimes such as robbery and kidnap. We would be here all day if we were to list all the problems caused by the war. Billions of dollars have been spent on the Civil War The Taliban isn't the only problem in Afghanistan Travelers tip Avoid ALL travel to Afghanistan unless completely essential. Foreigners especially have been reputed to being kidnappedand robbed in Afghanistan. If traveling to Afghanistan is really essential, make sure you have armed body guards on you at ALL times. Try your best to not stand out by wearing revealingclothing, bright clothes etc. Dress like everyone else on the street as to not present yourself as a target. Do not make it obvious that you are a tourist. Try to always stay in the safer part of the country. Last, but definetely not least, NEVER suppose you are safe even if you are in a supposedely safe part of the country. Random attacks and bombing are common.
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