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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. Aeneus travels to the Temple of Apollo. Once there he prays for advice. 2. Sybil speaks to Aeneus and tells him to find the golden branch, to bury one of his men that has fallen and to sacrifice black beasts. 3. With the Sybil as his guide, Aeneus travelled into the underworld. 4. Aeneus goes to cross the Archeron, using the golden branch like a ticket, and Sybil gives Cerberus drugs to make him go to sleep, allowing Aeneus safe passage into the underworld. 5. Aeneus and Sybil cross the Fields of Mourning, where they see many people who Aeneus had encountered during his life. 6. Using the golden branch again, they enter Elysium where the lucky ones go when they die. 7. Sybil and Aeneus ask the shades of Elysium where they can find Anchises. 8. Anchises tells Aeneus that he must go and make Rome and that it will be a great land. 9. Anchises also tells Aeneus that he will be famous for making this land and that it will conquer and live forever. 10. Anchises leads Aeneus and Sybil out of the underworld and Aeneus goes to the boats to make way to where he is to build this city. 5. 445-455, Epic Catalogue; Aeneus sees many people he has once known in his life as he travels through the underworld. 1. 494-539, Epic Digression;Aeneus stops to look at the dead he once knew. 2. 340-383, Epic Digression;Aeneus and Palinurus talkabout how he actually died. 3. 237-242, Epic Simile;The smoke in the cave was so thick that a birdcould not fly through it safely. 4. 9, Epithet; Aeneus referred to as 'Aeneusthe good'. 6. 45-53, Divine Intervention; Sybil possessed the priestessso that Aeneus knew how to get the temple doors to open (prayers). 7. 580, Epithet; the Titans referred to as 'ancient sons of the Earth'. 8. 268-272, Epic Simile;Aeneus and Sybil's trekis like someone walkingthrough the forest undera dark moon. 9. 212- 235, Epic Digression;Longer retelling of how they buried and built a shrine to the fallen man. 10. 285-289, Epic Catalogue;list of some of the wild beasts that reside in the underworld.
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