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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 And offers Aeneas prophecies about his future and the future of his people while telling him how to enter the underworld. (ln. 125-155) The Sybil Becomes Posessed Misenus, A trojan is found dead on the beach The Trojans erect his pyre and sacrifice animals to the Cthonic gods on it. (ln. 235-250) Aeneas enters the Underworld Guided by the Sybil Aeneas pulls on the tree branch and enters a cave into the underworld. (ln. 295) Charon tries to stop Aeneas The boatman tries to prevent Aeneas from passing the styx but is shot down by the Sybil. (ln 385-405) Aeneas meets Palinurus Aeneas meets Dido The queen of Carthage who harbored Aeneas. (450-465)implied that he is responsible for her death. The Helmsman who fell off the boat, floated to shore and killed by natives. (ln. 340-60) Sees other People Priam's Son Argive CasualtiesDead Trojans. (476-516 Enters Elysium "They came to the place of joy,the pleasant lawns/The groves of the lucky, and the blessed homes." (ln. 638-39) Meets Anchises Aeneas finally meets his father and tries to embrace him, but he is only a shade. (ln 695-704) Anchises prophecies about the greatness that is in store for Aenaeas's Rome in Latium. (ln. 725-824) "Aeneas seized the branch; it clung; he wrenched it free and brought it to the Sibyl's home." (210) This show strength that heroes typically have and is a quality that heroes have in epics.Sybil told him that he could only pull the branch if fate allowed it. " Mother of Furies and her sister" ( 250) Another name for Night and her sister Earth. They are both daughters of Chaos. "Stygian King" (252) This is another name for Pluto or Hades. Epithet "Ghost of bodies three." (289) Another name for a giant with three bodies, named Geryon. He was the son of Earth and attempted to overthrow Juno, but he was defeated. Epithet Epithet Heroic Archetype Epithet Amphrysian (498)Another name for Apollo. It comes from the river in Thessaly. "murdering she-devil" (511)This is an epithet describing thestory of Helen and Deiphobus. "There stood, the priest of Thrace, in poet's gown, playing his instrument of seven strings." (645)This is a description used to define Orpheus. Epithet "great mother who, mural-crowned, rides through the Eastern world,god-bearer triumphant" (785)This was an epithet for Cybele,The Earth goddess Epithet Epithet "Pluto's lovely wife" (142) This refers to Persephone, Pluto's wife. Heroic Archetypes Even as thatdeadly horse came bounding up Troy's hill, its belly big with men-at-arms, she led our women in the fire-dance round, 'to honor God: (516-518) This shows that he treasures his country, family, and God. Epithet
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