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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harnessed both the power of storytelling, associated with TV, and the targetingand measurability of online advertising. 1990s TV Advertising Geo Marketing The internet dramatically impactedadvertising, providing a quick and easy way of reaching target audiences withwebsites, banners, PPC, etc. 1950s 1700s Print Advertising Able to reach niche audiences who were more engaged in the material.Its tangibility also allowed for recurringreading. Mid 2005 Early 1900s A uniquely convincing advertising experience, often providing examples of products that were also promoted by celebs and experts. Radio Advertising An intimate form of advertising that reached companies target consumers at the right time. 1970s By incorporating sound, images and movement, it made the whole package interesting for consumers. Infomercials Video Advertising/In-Video Ads 2013/2014 Online Advertising Social Media Advertising 2010 2006/2007 The use of geographic tools means that companies can now answer questions about their consumers that will increase productivity and the effectiveness of their strategies. Viral Advertising Viral (word-of-mouth) advertising gave brandsa better visibility, as well as credibility andsignificantly increased consumer engagement. A powerful, fast and free way to increasebrand recognition, loyalty and traffic. Did you know: It was the birth of the automobilethat fueled the rise of billboard ads in the US in 1835. In 1882... ...the first electric sign was lit in New York Times Square. ...The first official TV advert was aired before a football game in the US. It was a 20 second ad for Bulova watch. In 1941... In 2006... Twitter's global community made viral advertising fast and free. In 2006... ...Youtube launched, and we saw the birth of video advertising. ...we'll see deeper technologyintegration. Working across multiple,different advertising types, such as mobile, display and video. The Ages Of Advertising In 2015... (Micheal Greene, Director Of Research, Audience Science.) Created by Customer Service Guru 2015
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