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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Revise Planas Needed Chapter 11-14: Monitor & EvaluateTechnology PlanConsistently Identify Goals & Objectives Budget Develop & Implement Action Plans& Timelines School directorPrincipalMedia SpecialistTechnology CoordinatorTeachersStudentsParentsBoard members Aunt Polly gives Tom painkiller because he is "sick" (with love) and Tom gives it to the cat. Tom, Joe and Huck go to Jackson Island because they are all depressed with their lives now. While they are there, the townspeople thinks they have all drowned. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer RealisticAchievableAdaptive TimelineClearConciseMeasurable Keep currentEvaluate every 6 mos.Align with state standards Specific: Action required Time frame for action Who is responsible for completing action Tom goes back to his house and comes up with an idea why to stay on the island longer. Then the boys smoke and get caught in a storm. To top it off, the boys arrive back in town at their funerals. Create aCommittee with: Chapters 1-4 Chapters 5-7 Tom tricks his friends into white washing the fence for him. He also falls in love with his adored unknown, Becky Thatcher.From his earnings of the white washed fence, he got himselfa Dore Bible. Tom brings a pinch bug to church and it accidentally gets let loose and the poodle starts playing with it and causes a fiasco. Tom introduces Huck to us and Huck has a dead cat along with him. Then Tom also getsengaged to Becky but it ends very quickly. Chapter 8-10 Tom and Joe play pirate in the forest. Tom and Huck go the graveyard and witness Injun Joe murder Dr. Robinson. Tom has a bad day and Becky returns their engagement"ring."
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