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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Disadvantages Although the city is full of opportunities, there are still many disadvantages. Environmental disadvantages include:air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. As our cities and suburbs grow,forests and grassland are cleared, lakes and wetlands are drained, and rivers are diverted or dammed Advantages The city is full of many advantages asit provides easy access to work, industry,trade, and income. Unlike some rural areas,cities provide the best and easiest access to transportation. Social disadvantages include: overcrowding, rising house prices, lack of schools, hospitals,and traffic congestion during peak hours. Overcrowding has not only become a problem in cities but globally as well. The picture on the left shows a train in India with passengers having to climbonto the roof of the train due to the inside being full. The train pictured on the left isis a perfect example showing that although there is easy access to transport, the seats getfilled up very fast. Social advantages such as access to schools, hospitals, commercial, and entertainment are more evident in cities more than rural areasbecause there are more people in a small area rather than more people spread around a large area. The diagram pictured aboveare famous world wide knownbuildings. These buildings haveall have a similar characteristic:tall and cover a small area of land.
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