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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The average American consumes on average 22 tsp. of added sugar daily Added Sugars The American Heart Association has recommended that Americans drastically cut back on added sugar to help slow the obesity and heart disease epidemics. American adult consumption of added sugars has gone up more than 30percent in the last 30 years. Some common name for added sugar you shouldwatch out for are -glucose -corn syrup -fructose -sucrose tap and hold to change this header text! tap and hold to changethis text! tap and hold to changethis text! Consequences -Diabetes-Metabolic diseases -increased risk of cancer -addiction -obesity -High cholesterol -heart disease Added sugars are the syrups and aritificial sugars added to a food or drinks when they a Causes of added sugar are a company wanting their product to sell better because people think it taste better because it's sweeter than without Added sugar impact the physical part of the health triangle because if you eat too many foods with added sugar you might become out of shape and become obese with physically isn't good for your organs and muscles. It affects the mental part because your self esteem might drop drastically because you might not be confident of you gain weight and your "sugar high" might lead you to believe stuff that isn't true. It affects the social aspect because Added sugar effect the physical part of the health triangle,becauseif you consume too much added sugar you could become obese and out of shape which is not good for the function of your organs, muscles and whole body. It effects the mental accept because if you become over weight from consuming too much added sugar your self esteem would drastically drop and thinking lowly of yourself isn't a good mental state. It effect the social aspect, be issue maybe your friends have different values and eating healthy and staying fit is important to them and you become overweight, they are more likely to discriminate you and not be your friends anymore. If you limit yourself to a suggested amount of added sugar your physical health would drastically improve and your body will function better with a healthy support system. Consuming a suggested, reasonable amount of added sugar will I tone your mental health, because you will be in a better mood in general because your not filled with artificial toxins and you will feel better about your appearance. It improves your social health, because if people start to realize your eating healthy and staying in shape they won't discriminate your actions and they will more likely support your decision to be healthy and be your friends. tap and hold to change this header text!
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