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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Five Writing Forms to Focus on Sentence Variety Quotation Marks A Metaphor is when you group two non-relating situations or objects and compare the two. For instance: "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."It is using a box of chocolate's as a way to say that life is unpredictable; just as it would be when you blindly reach into a box of chocolates. Metaphors When using pronouns, it is essential to make sure your reader understands what noun the pronoun is connecting to.For example:"When a student breaks a school rule, he or she should be able to accept the consequences.""he or she" refers to the student breaking a school rule Using Pronouns Clearly Adding sentence variety, can help give texture to what you are writing about, instead of your sentences running on and on and having the same structure. This often becomes too much for a reader to comprehend and can makethe reader disconnect from what they are reading. When structured correctly, a long sentence can help with understanding long bits of information. While short sentences can be direct to the point. For example:" Miss Peach's 3rd grade class went to the zoo to study animals. They focused on the carnivores, mainly looking at wolves, leopards, lions, and tigers." Parallel structure is what you use to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance. It can be joined by using words such as "and" or "or". This can be done with a word, or phrase.For example: With words and phrases"Jack likes only cheese, bacon bits, and pepperoni on his pizza." Parallel Structure Example 2:"Jack likes fishing, canoeing, and camping during the summer." The purpose of Quotation marks is to separatesomeones dialogue from narration. It can also be used to source information. They can be used in either direct format or indirect format.When using quotations in direct form, you use the writers exact words and incorporate them into your own piece. For Example: 'When asked to reveal his thesis for his theory on life, Mr. Johnson responded "The scientific community is below my range of intellect and their weak brittle minds can not comprehend my work." With that, he walked into his apartment building.Indirect format is when you summarize the quote, and not write it out word for word. For example: "Mr. Johnson said that the scientific community was not yet ready for his thesis on life, calling them weak and walking into his apartment building.
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