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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 We need to find out how to turn the tide or future generations will be still further affected by mental ill health (Brindle, 2007) Tackling the issue of mental ill health has been described as one of the major challenges that current and future generations face. 3 1 of the ten leading causes of disability in people aged between 15 and 44 are mental disorders. in ten children aged between 5 and 16 years (three in every classroom) has a mental health problem, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood. Many continue to have these problems into adulthood The initial episode of mental disorder usually occurs in childhood or adolescence. Half of those with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14. Worryingly however, treatment does not typically happen until years later (Kessler et al. 2007). 1 in 4 families worldwide is likely to have at least one member with a behavioural or mental disorder. 1 in five children have symptoms of depression. 1/3 of the 16-25-year-olds surveyed had thought about or attempted suicide. Yet...children are less likely to suffer from serious mental health difficulties in later life if they receive support at an early age, providing a cost saving to adult mental health services What can we achieve therapeutically through sport? Using highly skilled sport coaches who are also trained to psychologically support the children we can teach: DisciplineHard WorkSacrificeTeamworkCommunicationDealing with success and failureSetting and Striving for GoalsValue of Practice and PreparationOvercoming adversityStressRacial equalityLeadershipNutritionEqualityAll of the mental health presentationsHonestyResilienceReduce aggressionThinking stylesMental ToughnessSelf control And how to effectively apply these to any mental health presentation, behavioural problem, or life challenge Who? How? Learning DifficultiesAny troubling presentationAnxietyDepressionLonelinessBullyingEmotional and Behavioural DifficultiesSubstance MisuseChildren of hidden harmBut also...children with no issue (psychological skills enhance everyone's life) PPPGovernment 5 X 60 SchemeCare HomesSummer Schools
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