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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Acidophilus(Lactobacillus) Functions:-reduces cancer development-digest improves by dietary nutrients-antibiotics recover fast for diarrhea-alleviate lactose intolerance Sources:-whole wheat foods-honey-yogurt-bananas-garlic-onions Deficiency disease:-doesn't have one because it's a microorganism and benefits the body Excess disease:-treats constipation-decreases bad bacteria that cause infections-function body properly-maintain healthy metabolism-vaginal yeast infection for women Dosage taken:-no safe of product established, take capsules or tablets, power or in milk products or Kefir to putin drink Common names:-lactic acid bacteria-scientific:Lactobacillus acidophilus (L.acidophilus) At risk if:-taking steroids or chemotherapy -had an organ transplant-has aids-with weak immune system Government regulations:-look fruit/vegetable juices-milks-cheeses-infant formulas Historic info:-human tract was designed Bacillus acidophilus in 1900Past info:-nonlabeled correctly or and on label Number of side effects in each year Disease prevention:-helpful for Urinary tract infections (UTIs) Type:VitaminWater Soluble It's a Micronutrient:-it's small to disolve in beveragesto give vitamins through the body Side effects:-skin reaction-arthritis-stomach discomfort Drug interaction blocker in each year
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