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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) Porcelain To glaze the porcelain, therewere two stages-underglaze and overglaze. Underglazewas applied before the porcelain was baked and overglaze was applied after the baking.Originally, the glaze was green,but the Tang invented white glaze. Silk The Chinese production was kept secret and anyonethat tried to take out the silkwormswould be killed. Poetry Every emperor ofthe Tang dynasty loved poetry very much and many were even poets themselves. Paper Money The names of the governmentofficials who used the papermoney was printed on the paper. Gunpowder A fire lance was shown in an early drawing. The painting showedhollow bamboo poles filledwith sand (so the other side would choke,) shards of glass, and arrows propelled by gunpowder. Painting The Song painters tried to capture a person's spiritualexistence- and that's why landscape stands out a lot in Song paintings. Although both dynastiesproduced a wide variety of inventions, I think the Song dynasty was responsible for more significant achievements.For instance, people today still use porcelain, but it's not vital to our everyday lives.We still use paper money andgunpowder, but not porcelain and silk as much. Both dynastiesinvented a bunch of longlasting inventions, however the Tang invented the most necessary items. Also, their discovery of gunpowder playsa big role. Without it, certain wars wouldn't have been won and it's used inwidespread festivities. Allin all, the Tang dynasty wins formaking the most essential tools. Madison DunklePeriod 4
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