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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 JOANNA BORGIONE gyro: Academy Submission ' I love spreadsheets. Who's That? WHY APPLY? ' INTERESTS I always like to hang out with friends and familyThis is my niece and nephew (she's showing acut on her finger...).I also like music, movies, biking, games, cooking and delicious frozen treats Generacion internacionalnacida entre 1995 y el primerlustro de la decada del 2000 That's Natalie - my best friend who famouslysaid: Se mueven por diversos estilos, siendo el rap, el pop, el heavy metal y el pop punk, los mas seguidos.Son capaces de hacer grandes comunidades y enormes colaboraciones por medio del internet sinconocer a nadie personalmente.Se adaptan de manera extraordinarias a futuras tecnologias.Se les llama NATIVOS DIGITALES. La educacion y el trabajo desempenan un rol poco importante en sus vidas. INTERESTS CHANGE AGENT Son mas inclinados al mundo virtual.Su sociedad existe en internet donde habre su mente y expresan sus propias opiniones. Be the person you want to be. I know it's somewhat antiquated, but the organizational power they possess is the true reason I love spreadsheets. They're clean.Logical. Precise (if done right). Combine this passion for clarity and organization withmy mantra-driven work ethic to "do," and it's no surprise I have a strong affection for ensuring nothing inhibits one's ability to do.For the past few months, Ive helped facilitate a small team in the Chicago office to improve and document our agency process. Its not that we all dont work well together our office has a great all-hands-on-deck, all-for-one culture but we can improve. Be more efficient, more diligent. Better.And once we finalize the document were working on, I think thats exactly what well be better.
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