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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Abigail Adams Early Life: Is She Qualified?: Born: Qualifications: Died: "Remember The Ladies" After Marriage: -Married John Adams-During Constitutional Conventionshe sent letters to John Adams to "Remember the ladies."-Later when her husband became Vicepresident she got strongly into politics-During his presidency Abigail helped her husband with a major inflation thatsaved the presidents pay and the economy.-During the times her husband was away she had to manage the farm and care for her five children alone.-She was equal in politics to any man.-She was highly educated in politics.Equal rights activist.. -Dad a minister of a library-Taught herself French and other languages- Had a small family-Met John Adams (they were third cousins)-Had a good up-coming-Loved to read(self taught)-Independent and shy.-She married John Adams and moved off and learned more onpolotics. November 11th 1744 In 1818 -Her letters are still cherishedas important writings-Was John Adams unofficial guide to presidency and politics-She always wanted equal rights-She was a respected politician,despite her being a women-Very outgoing and had some radical ideas-Her name is recognizable today -Her letters influenced a lot of John Adams decisions in the constitutional convention. Yes. She is an important politician, and women's rightsactivates. Without her, Americawould be different in many ways.
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