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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Boston Tea Party to The Declaration of Independence It was a late November night around 10 pm. All the colonists were dressing up as Indians.Then they headed toward the Boston harbor,where they would throw about 342 chestsof tea into the harbor. 1773- Boston Tea Party 1774- Punishing Massachusetts British were outraged about Bostons behavior. The parlimentencouarged by King George III acted to punish Massachusetts. The colonists called the four laws the intolerable acts. 1774- Quebec Act The Quebec Act extended the borders of Quebec to include the landing between The Ohio and Missouri rivers.This act angered the american colonists because some colonies claimed owernship of those lands. 1774-First Continental Congress Colonial leaders had a meetingin Philadelphia. Delagates from 12 colonies gathered in what was known as the the First Continental Congress. Georgia was the only onewho did not send delegates. 1775-Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of Bunker Hill was the first major battle of the Revolution. This battle proved that the Americans can fight bravely. This also showed thatthe British would not be easyto defeat. 1776-Battle at Trenton Christmas Day GeorgeWashington decided todo a surprise attack onTrenton. Led his troopsacross the Delaware river.Then surprised them and captured most of the Hessian as prisoners. 1781-Battle of Yorktown This was the final battle of the Revolution.It was an American victory! It all happened in Virginia.This battle forced the British to surrender. Document stating stating that the 13 colonies were a free and independent nation! 1776-The Declaration of Independence
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