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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The A-Z of Internet A nxiety B logs C hatrooms D ownloading E -safety F irefox G oogle H TML nstant Messaging J ava K ilobyte L earning M emes N ews O ffline P arental control Q uicktime R esearching S ocial networking T raffic U ploading V irus W ww. X ML Y ahoo! Z ip files Technophobia defines an overwhelming anxiety around use of computersand technology. An online log which can focus on a variety of subjects. Over 409 millionpeople view blogs every month (1) Areas of the Internet where people can communicate about a variety of topics Files can be downloaded from the Internet onto a computer or device. Files can range from videos to documents. Referring to the practice of keepingsafe whilst online. Over 1 in 4 children aged 11-16 experienced something upsetting on a socialnetworking site (2) Free open source web browser developed by Mozilla. As of February 2014. It is the world's 3rd most popular web browser (3) A popular search engine which now processes over 40,000 queries per second (4) Short for "Hyper TextMarkup Language".It is a language which describes web pages usingordinary text (5) I (1) A way of communicatingonline in a form of real time transmission. Examples include MSN and, recently, WhatsApp. A computer programminglanguage which writes softwareapplications for use within aweb browser. A KB is one form of measurementused to indicate the size of a fileor webpage. The averagewebpage has doubled in sizesince 2010 (6) The Internet can be anincredible tool for learning dueto its wealth of knowledge. Remixing existing media, often pictures, by adding text or other media. Usually culturally relevant, they provide much entertainment. always travels fast, more so when on the Internet. Numerous news websites and social media make it easyto keep up to date. As of October 2014, approx.4.4 billion people in the worldstill do not have Internet access. The most "offline" country is Myanmar, with a 95% offline community (7) (7) Internet browsers allow parental controls which can deny access to certain websites in an attempt to make browsing safer for children. Technology capable of handling various forms of media such as text, video and audio simultaneously. Developed by Apple inc. Internet search engines and speedy broadband can make research an efficient process for many. Using websites or apps as a way of sharing and exploring social content. Over 72% of all Internet users are active on social media (8) Term to describe the flow of data across the Internet. shows up to date trafficstats. Transmitting a file from one computer/device to another. A piece of code capable of duplicating itself. Can have a severe impact on a computer or device. Short for World Wide Web. A vast collection of Internet resources. All webpages contain WWW. Short for Extensible MarkupLanguage. Markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format both human and machine-readable (9) An Internet search engine which takes on the form a directory. It is the 3rd most used search engine (10) Where the contents of a computer file are compressed for storage or transmission (11) By Kate Bartlett@kate_bartlett93 Please read alongside related blog post.
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