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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Sacrifice the Commoners!" "Have this, Nobel!" "Punishment!" "Child crimes?!" "Pay your taxes!" "Follow the law, or execution!" The Unfair Social Structure About Aztecs Nobels and Rulers in the past had sacrificed so many commoners. They even sacrificed babies because they were considered "pure" and "holy." The cacao seed, or the seeds made for chocolate were made with spices and peppers to make hot chocolate. Only the wealthy Aztecs were allowed to drink it. The seeds were also used as money because how valuable they were.(Money did come from trees) Commoners were forced to give the emperor food as a paying for their tax. These donations were a way to honor the emperor. There were laws for the Aztec commoners that Nobels don't have to follow. Instead, these laws were to help maintain the nobel's status. For example, Nobels are only to wear cotton clothes or Nobel's birth included the privilege to wear gold ornaments and stay in two story houses. If the commoner did the same, they will be sentenced to death. Speaking of unfair laws, the punishments were terribly cruel. If you were caught drunk for example, your first offense will involve shaving your head and burning your house down. If a second offense, you'll be sentenced to death.If treason, you'll die, lose your property, you land will be destroyed, and your kids will go into slavery. As from what the title says, yes. Kids do get punished.Young kids under 10 are usually forgiven for oversleeping or deeding shabbily. But parents will threaten their kids with sharp spines of a cactus if they think forgiving is enough. A child being punished using cactus spines --> A commoner paying there taxes with items they made --------------> The Aztecs were nomads of the pre-Columbus civilization, meaning they were people that existed before Columbus reached America. These polytheistic people lived much more then 100 millenniums ago. The Aztecs were powerful. And with that powerful city comes rules. And those rules aren't as friendly. Who are the Aztecs?
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