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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Is the work fixed in a tangible medium of expression? NO Copyright protects theexpression of an idea, not the idea itself. YES Is the work original to the author? NO The work is not copyrightable. AN AUTHOR'S GUIDE TO COPYRIGHT Is the work a compilation or a derivative? NO YES Is the original in the public domain? Was permission obtained from the author? YES NO NO Is the work varied enough (including in its selection or arrangement) to distinguish it from the original? YES The work is not copyrightable. The work is copyrightable. NO YES The work is copyrightable. What else should I know about copyright? I own the copyright onmy work. What does that protect me from? My work is copyrighted. How long does it last? Copyright lasts the life of the author plus 70 years. Copyright allows for the prosecution of those who sell or give away copies of your work without permission. I wrote something.Am I protected by copyright? But my work was published anonymously or pseudonymously. Does that change things? No. But the copyright on these works lasts ninety-five years frompublication or 120 from creation. Do I have to registermy work with the U.S. copyright office? No. Registration is not required for bringing a suit for copyright infringement. YES I wrote somethingwith a co-author. Which one of us owns the copyright? Both authors are co-owners of thecopyright. Each owner can license the work as they see fit. The profits must be accounted to both authors.
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