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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Based on the science fiction/fantasy novel written by Madeleine L'engle Directed by: Zaroof Haider Summary And the journey begins. A Wind in the Door Rowan Blanchard as Meg Murry Peter Dacunha as Charles Wallace Murry Before Charles Wallace falls deathly ill, he has difficulties at school for being different(having an interest in mitochondria and faran-dolae which Charles Wallace and Meg Murry'sparents study because they both are scientists)and finding dragons in the vegetable garden. One day, Calvin O' Keefe, Meg's friend, came to Meg to apologize about Charles Wallace's probl-ems at school and about his brother beating himup. Meg talked to Calvin about her being frightened of the fact that she's starting tobelieve Charles Wallace's dragons are not ahallucination. Then, Charles Wallace came by because he felt Meg screaming about that fear when he was trying to go to sleep. After that, his dragons pop out of the woods and turned out not to be dragons, but Proginoskes, a cherubim composed of eyes and wings made up of wind and flame. Proginoskes came to help Charles Wallace restore himself. There are three unknown tests that need to be taken by Meg, Calvin, and Proginoskes inattempt to defeat Echthroi, which are destroying Charles Wallace's farandolae insidehis mitochondria named Yadah, inside his body, to rescue his life. See this compelling blockbusterto see the end of this wild adventure in theaters near you! Charles Wallace is one heck of a genius. He knows things other people don't know which makes him different like farandolae and mitochondria which his parents study. Calvin O' Keefe is Meg's friend. He goes on an adventure with Meg to attempt to save Charles Wall-ace's life. Meg is a very worried girl in this story. As Charles Wallace's older sister, she looks out for Charles all the time. Cameron Boyce as Calvin O' Keefe The theme is compassion "If you've seen an echthros, everything is different."-Page 92 "Every time a star goes outan echthros has won a battle." -Page 112
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