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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Step # 2Complete front side of the TRF (inquiry),based on a problem that you're having trouble with. Note : Use resources ; internet, notes, tests, class assignments, etc. Step # 1.................... Remember to takeCornell Notes ineach of your classesto use as resources. Step # 3Prepare to take out necessary resources, and create three column notes as the tutor approves of your TRF form. Step # 4Students are separated into different tutorial groups according to the subject they did their TRF on, along with the tutor. Step # 5 As the groups begin to settle, one of the students is chosen to go up and work out their point of confusion. Firstly, they must give a short speech around 30 seconds based off their TRF. Step # 6With the help of peers and assistance from the tutor, the presenter goes over steps to help better understand their point of confusion. Step # 7 Peers are required to help the next presenters with their point of confusions by asking questions. Step # 8Once it's time, the students must finish notes, and flip over their forms to complete the reflection which indicates what they've learned from the tutorial and what the presenters had to say using their three column notes. Step # 9As students finish their reflections, they hand the TRF back to the tutor to get it graded based on how well they performed and participated during the tutorial. Step # 10Students and teachers take time to review their tutorials and observe if there is any slight improvement in their classes/ grades. In The Tutorial Lastly ... The Angelica CayetanoPeriod 1 AVID01.15.16
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