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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "The Rev" Zacky V Johnny Christ Synester Gates M Shadows 1999: Formed inHuntington Beach,California in high school 2001: 1st album release Experimental Years: 04'-07' 2003: 2nd album release Change of direction for the band2005: Release 3rd albumgeared towards hard rock. 2007: 4th album release 09'-10Death of "The Rev" and decision to stay together Fun Fact 2: Avenged Sevenfold got their names from high school and kept them in the band. 2008: First Live DVD: LIVE IN THE LBC Sounding the Seventh TrumpetChart: No Singles: No 2013-present : New drummer,new era Metalcore era: 99'-03' Popularity Rises: 07'-09' December 28th 2009: The "Rev"dies 2010: 5th album release August 9, 2013: Arin Ilejay becomes an official member of the band Fun Fact 1: When Mike Portnoy filled in for Avenged Sevenfold after "The Rev" died, he and Zacky V got matching tattoos Hail to the KingChart: #1 in 6 countries (US, CAN, MEX, BRA, IRE, UK)#3 NOR and NZ, #2 AUS,#15 JPN, #4 SWECertified Platinum or Gold: RIAA Platinum in Canada, MC Platinum and RIAA Gold in USSingles: 3Hail to the KingShepherd of FireThis Means War City of EvilChart: #30 US, #16 JPN, #63 UKCertified Platinum or Gold:RIAA Platinum, MC Gold and BPI Gold Singles: 4Bat CountrySeize the Day Burn It DownBeast and the Harlot Avenged SevenfoldChart: #4 US, #37 AUS, #6 CAN, #41 IRE, #12 JPN, #24 UKCertified Platinum or Gold:RIAA and BPI Gold Singles: 4Almost EasyAfterlifeDear GodScream Live in the LBC NightmareChart: #1 US and FIN,#2 CAN and NZ, #9 IRE, SWE and AUS #12 JPN, #14 NOR#5 UKCertified Platinum or Gold:MC Platinum, BPI and RIAA Gold Singles: 4NightmareWelcome to the FamilySo Far AwayBuried Alive Waking the FallenChart: #10 US, #34 AUS, #35 UKCertified Platinum or Gold:RIAA Gold, MC Gold Singles: 1Unholy ConfessionsWaking the Fallen: Resurected DID YOU KNOW? Avenged Sevenfold got their name from the book of Genisis in the bible Sales: 310,000 Combined Sales: 693,000 Sales: 1,500,000 Sales: 960,117 Sales: 112,520 Sales: 818,000 Sales: 500,000
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